Zlatan Porat

Zlatan Porat is a high-quality dessert wine. Sophisticated and sweet. We make it from Crljenak which is great for production of top-quality red wines but due to the early maturation and high content of sugar it is also suitable for producing dessert wines.

This is dessert wine of porto type made of hand-picked Crljenak grapes which are left on the wines to dry until the desired levels of sugar are reached - it has 70 grams of sugar per one liter. Wine of dark red, almost brown colour and nice smell of dry fruits and spices. Full-bodied, thick wine of great complexity, strong, rich taste and aromas of dark cherry jam and chocolate.

Vineyards: Bast - Makarska
Variety: Crljenak
Type: Red, dessert wine
Classification: High quality wine
Aging: Barrique barrels
Alcohol: 15,5%
Serving temperature: 10-14°C
Food pairing: Matured cheese, with dessert or even instead of it

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