Sveta Nedjelja - a small and peaceful, always sunny village on the south side of the island of Hvar. Located below St. Nikola, which is the highest peak of the island with its 626 meters, and about 12 km east of the town of Hvar. The village has about 150 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in viticulture, olive growing and tourism.

The famous cave, located above Sveta Nedjelja, was inhabited in the Neolithic era. In this cave the Augustinians built a monastery and a small church in the 15th century. They left the monastery in 1787, and the church remained in use until 1823, when a new church was completed in the village, right next to our winery. Only the remains of the monastery have survived to this day, while the church has been completely preserved. Visitors can easily reach the cave, hiking there is more than worth it because of the magnificent view of Sveta Nedjelja and its vineyards, the island of Korčula and the open sea.

The coast around Sveta Nedjelja has several bays with beautiful pebble beaches. Here you can really escape from the hectic everyday life, enjoy the untouched nature and the clear sea. On a short walking distance there is the Cliff base with numerous high, steep cliffs, so it is also a popular destination for those who like free climbing.

Sveta Nedjelja, surrounded by unique steep vineyards that take your breath away, is well-known for production of excellent wines. The most famous grape variety grown here is Plavac mali. Wines made from this grape have a reputation as the best wines on the island and one of the best Croatian red wines.