Zlatan Otok

White, dry wine made from incredibly old indigenous Dalmatian grapes which ancestors date back to the 4th century BC, when ancient Greeks started growing vines on the Island of Hvar.

This blend is a unique expression of Dalmatian terroir where each grape brings its own character to the wine. Zlatan Otok may be one of the lighter wines from our winery, but it still is a real Dalmatian wine. Aged solely in inox tanks, it bursts with bright, full flower and fruity aromas. One true fresh and delicious Adriatic treat.

Vineyard: Hvar
Variety: Kuč, Bogdanuša, Prč, Maraština, Pošip
Type: White, dry wine
Classification: Quality wine
Aging: Inox tanks
Alcohol: 12%
Serving temperature:10-12°C
Food pairing: Different appetizers, seafood, fish, and poultry dishes

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